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29 April 2005 @ 07:01 pm
If you've written up the bio you claimed in this post and have been looking for the place to post them, you've finally found it. If you're looking to write a character bio but haven't picked anyone, go here.

A recap of what you needCollapse )

Additional information is encouraged, but be sure you have all of the above. If you can't find one of the facts but think it might be floating around there, leave the space blank and write a note that you couldn't find it. Someone else might know. On the other hand, if the information is simply not there, write "unknown."

*If you don't have a webspace to host the picture on, check out Photobucket for free host services.
27 April 2005 @ 12:56 am
We're looking for character bios that can be easily read and comprehended. While there might be a lot of information on the character, we request some basics:

Name (Official name. Given name, family name. EX: Light Yagami rather than Yagami Raito)
First Appearance
Basic facts (such as birthday, blood type, weight, physical appearance)
Background, if applicable
A small profile image - It should be about icon sized (40x40 pixels) and of decent quality
And an explanation of what role they play in the story

Depending on what character you pick, there may be more or less information available. If something is unknown, just label it, or leave it blank. These biographies, however, are more introductory that analytical. Essays will be put in another section. What is considered a spoiler will be left to the biographer's discretion, although please keep in mind that this FAQ was originally intended for new fans. In general, specific events are potential spoilers and that should be considered. Additionally, some character, in and of themselves are spoilers, which can't be worked around.

Sample entryCollapse )

Character ListCollapse )

If you'd like to write about one of these, leave a comment below. This list is by no means complete, so if there's someone who is missing, feel free to point it out and claim. A post for commenting with responses will come along in a few days.
So, if you live in Japan or are just really good with google, and can find information on the tankobans. Are they titled? Which chapters are in each? What's the ISBN? Who publishes them and where can they be ordered online?

Something that looks like this, maybe:
-Volume Number
-Title (possibly also the title in Japanese)
-Which chapters are included
-Date of publication
-ISBN number
-Where you can order it online

Scans are a bonus. Links to scans are also a bonus. And if there's anything else--say, you want to tranlsate the author's note--that would be fine too.
We're looking for a list of frequently asked questions. So, we'll go through the death_note community and find out what are the frequently asked questions.

So I guess what we do is: comment below with whichever months you're willing to do. Then leave another comment with all the questions asked in those months. We'll compare notes after we've gone through all of them. It shouldn't be too hard--the community has only been around for a year. Not long at all.
Questions taken from death_note, this post, without permission. Only because I think numbered lists are pretty. If you left a question and it isn't here, it's probably because the answer fit somewhere else (like...character bios. Those are in a different post.)

01. Raito/Light debacle, both are right. Japanese pronounciation.
02. Viz's liscensing of 15+, when most Jump series are rater for younger audiences, so less editing will occur.
03. Death Eraser is only canon in the One Shot, not the actual story.
04. Is there an anime/is one planned?
05. Where does Death Note run in Japan?
06. Some official sites, etc.
07. How does the halving of lives work?
08. How do you kill a shinigami?
09. Is it true L never sleeps?
10. Does L only eat sweets? Do you think he eats his vegetables?
11. Is the university that Raito/Light and L go to a real university in Japan?
12. Some info about Tsugumi and Obata..?
13. Where can I find DN merchandise?

Aside: aishuu is plotting wicked, wicked things to write about the Death Note fandom. Should be cool whenever she finishes her own FAQ.

20. If a DN user cannot go to heaven or hell, where can they go?
21. the Death Note/Hikago crossover guide? :PP
22. When will Misa die? XD (That is, what's her lifespan now :P) Because everyone seems to be dying to know. ;)
23. Death Note: Behind the Scenes ... and secretly link to go_devil_dante's 'milkshake' flash. EVIL
24. Is Raito/Light evil?
25. Why does L behave like a monkey?

If you'd like to write about one of these, leave a comment below. A post for commenting with responses will come along in a few days eventually. And the only difference between things in the answerable list and things in the unanswerable list is that most of the later have more than one answer. Think of them as editorials or special features.
26 April 2005 @ 03:24 am
• Community moderation
Always wanted to mod a community? Well good, because we need help. As a mod, your responsibilities are:

-Creating new QUESTION and ANSWER posts as needed. If someone suggests something, and it seems like a good idea, go ahead and make a post for it. Can't hurt, right?
-Compiling and editing the information people submit to your posts. You don't have to write code unless you want to--we can probably find someone else for that. But you do have to look everything over, make sure it's readable, that sort of thing.
-Whenever you think you have enough information, make another post with whatever is going to go on the website. Title it "FINAL: character bios" or something.
-That's it!

Notice I didn't say "enforce order." I suppose I should. But really, there won't be any trouble here? There aren't any rules in the userinfo, and we're all friendly people. *clings to this belief*

Note: you don't have to be a mod to make these kinds of posts. If you'd like to see a section, add it! I'll link it from the projects page, people can sign up or you can do it all yourself, and everything will be great. But if you aren't a mod your post will be temporarily screened--this is just so that there aren't duplicate or spam posts.

If you want to mod, leave a comment! This is a self-selecting communty. Meaning, if you volunteer, then you have the job.
26 April 2005 @ 01:18 am
Here is a list of all of our current projects. QUESTION threads are where you volunteer to write information. ANSWER threads are where you submit the information you've written. FINAL threads are just compilations of the answers people have submitted in comments, checked for grammar and ready to go on the website.

If you volunteer to write something, I have to ask that you PLEASE write it yourself. Do not copy and paste someone else's writing, from ANYWHERE, unless you have their explicit permission. And even if you do have permission, do not claim the writing as your own. The website will contain a full list of contributers, and I'd like to have everything properly credited.

You do not have to find all of the information requested in a post. For example, you could sign up to write only Misa and Sayu's character bios. Someone else will do the rest.

-(link) Who wants to go through the death_note archives looking for frequently asked questions?</a>
-(link) Who wants to write character bios?
-(link) Here is a list of suggested questions. Who wants to answer them?

-(link) Looking for community mods.
-(link) Submit ISBN numbers, covers, etc, for the Death Note volumes.

None yet.

And we're off! If you have any questions or opinions or anything, leave a comment. Or suggestions, those are good too.